Founded in 2022, the Mountain Valley Hockey League was designed to bring full season teams together for a competitive balanced schedule.

The schedule includes weekend home/away games and playoffs in February or early March for strong youth programs from across the region. Schedules, standings, and player statistics are powered by GameSheet.

  • All MVHL game play will operate in accordance with USA Hockey rules/regulations; therefore will count as sanctioned and ranked games.
  • The MVHL will use the GameSheet app for league games. GameSheet is a live scoring app that will keep team standings along with team and player statistics. The home team will be responsible for having a tablet at home games to input game stats.
  • MVHL organizations are required to play a minimum of 10 league games per team in order to compete in the playoffs.
  • All MVHL games should be confirmed by each organization and sent to Sherri Conway ( to be uploaded to the GameSheet app.
  • All league game wins will be scored as 2 points. Ties are 1 point.

Playoff seeding will be based on number of games played in the MVHL along with KRACH ratings.

The playoffs will be held at the end of February/early March. Official dates and locations are to be determined.

MVHL Championship Banners will be given to every division's playoff winner.

A fee will be collected from each organization to cover the GameSheet app.

Playoff fees will be collected from those teams who participate in the playoffs.

We will use email as our main source of communication to send out any league information.
Please keep us informed of any contact changes for the league directory to remain up-to-date. This includes BOTH an email address AND phone number for each team.